Registration on the register of the Chamber

In order to work in their profession, all pharmacists must be registered on the register of the Chamber of Pharmacists.

When this takes place the Chamber ensures that the applicant pharmacist fulfils all the conditions laid down by law: qualification, competence, and ethical standards, independance, and, as appropriate, the holding of a dispensary operating licence, or attestation of special experience required for certain activities...

The list of documents to be supplied in support of an application for registration is determined by law.

The pharmacist must compulsorily practice within a pharmaceutical establishment that is duly authorised to operate: depending on the type of activity envisaged, a community pharmacy, pharmacy for the internal use of a healthcare establishment, and establishment for the manufacture of drugs, an establishment for the wholesale distribution of drugs, a medical clinical laboratory, etc.

The registration of pharmacists on the register of the Chamber, as provided in the Articles L.4222-1 and following  of the Code de la santé publique [public health law], will be made :

  • for owners of a community pharmacy in Metropolitan France, a Regional Council of Section A ;
  • for all other pharmacists, by the Central Council for their appropriate Section.

A pharmacist practising in several different pharmaceutical activities is simultaneously registered on the register of several Sections of the Chamber, provided this accumulation of activities is permitted by the texts of public health law governing each type of pharmaceutical practice.

Registration on the register of the Chamber concerns pharmacists, natural persons, but also certain legal entities involved in the profession, for example private practice companies (SEL). Thus, a pharmacist owning a community pharmacy who creates a private practice company [SEL] in order to practise professionally must make an application for their personal registration on the register of the Chamber but also for the SEL in which they will practise.

The application for registration is substantiated by the submission of a full dossier, accompanied by the necessary documents, submitted to the competent Council of the Chamber. The Council will appraise the dossier and rule on the application. If registration is granted, a registration certificate is sent to the applicant. If the registration is refused, the rejection, accompanied by the reasons for this will be sent to the applicant.

For Metropolitan France, if the Council does not reply within 3 months, a tacit refusal must be construed. For pharmacists belonging to Section E, if no decision is issued within the set deadline, registration is automatic on the application of the interested party.

Any registration or rejection of registration on the register or removal from the register may be subject to an appeal before the National Council of the Chamber. The decisions taken by the National Council in this domain are themselves liable to appeal before the Council of State.

The following are not registered on any register of the Chamber :

  • public health inspection pharmacists ;
  • regional agency health inspectors ;
  • inspectors of the Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé / French Health medicines ans Products Safety Agency ;
  • pharmacist officials or related roles in the ministry for health ;
  • pharmacist officials or related roles in the ministry for higher education, not involved in any pharmaceutical activity ;
  • and pharmacists involved in active service in the health services of the land sea and air forces.
Date de mise à jour : 14/05/2019